Electrodynamics Assignment Help

Electrodynamics  is a branch of physics that deals with the effects arising from the interactions of electric currents with magnets, with other currents, or with themselves since a moving charge produces a magnetic field, electrodynamics is concerned with effects such as magnetism, electromagnetic radiation, and electromagnetic induction, including such practical applications as the electric generator and the electric motor.

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  • Computation of the Green function
  • Conservation Theorems
  • Displacement Current
  • Electromagnetic gauge field and Green functions
  • Electromagnetic waves in vacuum
  • Energy and momentum of plane electromagnetic waves
  • Energy and Potentials
  • Faraday's Law
  • Field energy and momentum
  • Green function of the wave equation
  • Magnetic field energy
  • Maxwell's Four Equations
  • Physical meaning of the Green function
  • Polarization
  • Poynting Vector
  • Solution of the homogeneous wave equations
  • Solving Maxwell's Equations

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