Electrochemistry Assignment Help

Electrochemistry is the study of chemical processes that cause electrons to move. It is the branch of chemistry that deals with the chemical changes produced by electricity and the production of electricity by chemical changes. We provide 100% reliable services at help with Electrochemistry homework assignments and Electrochemistry projects. We have mentioned few topics in which our Experts have done excellent jobs by delivering best quality work to the students:

  • Analytical electrochemistry
  • Application of electrochemical techniques to chemistry research
  • Assigning oxidation numbers and review oxidation states
  • Balancing redox reactions
  • Basic electrochemical theory and instrumentation
  • Butler-Volmer
  • Electro-chemical kinetics
  • Identify redox reactions
  • Marcus-Hush theories
  • Oxidizing and Reducing agent
  • Preparative electrochemistry
  • Redox Half-reactions
  • Semiconductor photo electrochemistry
  • Solid and polymer electrolytes
  • The diffusion equations

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