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Electrical Engineering is a course that has been considered both lucrative and difficult by students globally; it is an area of study that requires students to excel with good grades in order for them to get enrolled in universities. At AnswersPortals.com we understand that Electrical Engineering is an involving course that may lead to student’s failure to complete their Electrical Engineering assignment on time or the Electrical Engineering homework may just be too complex for some students. Students should not worry as we have formulated an expert team of Electrical Engineering tutors. Our team of Electrical Engineering assignment solvers is composed of professionals with Ph.D. and master’s degree. They also have assisted students for many years in completing concepts of electrical engineering.

Electrical Engineering Homework Experts

Do my Electrical Engineering assignment problems define Electrical Engineering as a new branch of Engineering which can be traced back in the 19thcentury? It deals with technology relating to electricity. Electrical Engineering college coursework will entail a lot of technicalities as students will deal with varied components, systems, devices ranging from tiny microchips to more complex and massive power station generators. Electrical Engineering college tutors will cover the topics highlighted below:

Semester one

  • Calculus
  • Physics
  • Mechanics of solids
  • English-foreign language
  • Engineering graphics
  • Mechanical workshop practices
  • Yog and meditation

Semester two

  • Linear Algebra
  • Chemistry
  • Environmental and energy studies
  • Art of programming
  • Elements of electrical engineering
  • Communication skills
  • Electrical workshop practices
  • Critical thinking

Semester three

  • Mathematics for electrical engineers
  • Thermal and hydraulics prims movers
  • Analog electronic circuits
  • Network analysis and synthesis
  • Electrical Engineering materials
  • Electrical transducers and measurements
  • ICT tools and security
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Community¬† service

Semester four

  • Fundamentals of electrical power systems
  • DC machines and transformers
  • Digital electronic circuits
  • Fundamentals of power electronics
  • Control system engineering
  • Engineering Electromagnetics
  • Economics for engineers
  • Seminar
  • Ethics and values

Semester five

  • Analysis of electrical power system
  • Rotating AC machines
  • High voltage engineering
  • Power electronic converters
  • Utilization of electrical power
  • Microprocessor and microcontroller
  • Mini project -1
  • Fractional course

Semester six

  • Power systems operation and control
  • Electrical drives and traction system
  • Testing, commissioning and maintenance of Electrical equipment
  • Electronic system design
  • Permanent magnet brushless and reluctance motors
  • Advanced microprocessors and microcontrollers
  • Signals and systems
  • Dynamics and modeling of electrical machines
  • Extra high voltage transmission
  • Mini project II
  • Capstone course

Semester seven

  • Electrical machine design
  • Digital signal processors for electrical engineering
  • Power system protection and switchgear
  • Minor project
  • Organization behavior
  • Applications of power electronics in power system
  • Design of permanent magnet brushless and reluctance motors
  • Computer techniques in power system
  • Electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic compatibility
  • Control of electric drives
  • Advanced electrical power system
  • Practical training

The topics above are taught during Electrical Engineering college coursework. Please share your Electrical Engineering assignment problem with us. Our professional Electrical Engineering assignment experts will ensure to complete your assignment on time and provide you with an accurate Electrical Engineering assignment solution.

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