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Computer Networking has become a common term among professionals within the information technology segment. As found out by Computer Networking homework helpers, it is an engineering discipline that focuses on the communication processes on a number of computing devices or computing systems that are networked or linked with the aim to facilitate an exchange of information and resource sharing. Computer Networking is a concept that students who have enrolled in courses such computer science, computer engineering, telecommunication and information technology.

Computer Networking college work is a broad area of study. This is enhanced by the fact that there is a growth in communication which has necessitated for the advancement of the networking field. Other factors key in Computer Networking technologies includes software, hardware and manufacturing, and integration. Online Computer Networking assignment experts established through research that most households have access to one or multiple types of network. Computer Networking assignment tutors have highlighted the three common types of network below:

  • Local Area Network (LAN) this technology is used for a limited number of individuals within a given geographic allocation. A good example of these as noted by Computer Networking homework tutors include client-server and peer-to-peer networking methods.
  • Wide Area Network (WAN) This technology enables computers to be able to connect with other computers and share resources within a given geographical areas
  • Wireless Local Network (WLAN) this technology is established without any physical connection. This technology exploits the use of radio transceivers.

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Do my Computer Networking assignment homework experts have highlighted below some key aspects that should be a characteristic of any computer network:

  • Be in a position to share resources from one computer to the next one
  • Cn create files, store file and store on a host computer, this files must be in a position to be accessed remotely by other computers connected to a network
  • Facilitate the connection of resources such as scanners, printers among other resources to an individual machine within a network.

At AnswersPortals we would like to make your Computer Networking college coursework interesting. Submit your assignment using our official channels provided on the website. Below are some of the common hardware resources that will be taught under Computer Networking college work?

  • Network cables
  • Distributors
  • Routers
  • Internal networks cards
  • External network cards

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