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Cloud Computing is an area of study that has had a lot of significance in the current technological era; it is a concept that we apply in various web-based activities that we undertake on day to day basis. There are multiple definitions that attempt to define Cloud Computing and the associated technologies. A good example would be; Cloud Computing is a technology which allows the flow information technology services whereby the internet is used in the retrieval of resources by the use of web-based applications and tools. This technology is different with a situation whereby there is a direct connection with a server. In simple terms, Cloud Computing homework experts refer this technology as a technology which allows users to save data and conveniently restore the data remotely on a database. Online Cloud Computing tutors also highlight that Cloud Computing is enabled whenever an electronic device can access the web, it will be able to access software programs and data stored on the cloud by users or other shared resources.

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Different types of Cloud Computing highlighted by Cloud Computing Tutors

Cloud Computing is a wide area of study and not a single piece of technology. It is a system which is made of three main services which are as follows; infrastructure as a service (IaaS), software as a service, (SaaS) and lastly platform as a service (PaaS). Online Cloud Computing experts have briefly defined the three key elements of Cloud Computing as illustrated below.

SAAS - This deals with licensing of software applications to customers. Licenses are given based on demand the pay-as-you-go model.

IaaS - Infrastructure as a service deals with delivering of key technologies such as operating systems to servers. It also offers storage by using IP-based connectivity which serves as an on-demand service. Its importance is attributed to the fact that clients can procure software in an on-demand service rather than buying.

PaaS - As noted by Cloud Computing assignment experts, PaaS is considered to be the most complex.PaaS has some common similarities with the SaaS technology.PaaS only differs from SaaS whereby SaaS I used for software development.
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