Visual Basic Assignment Help

Visual Basic is a programming environment developed by Microsoft in 1990. It is sometimes called as Event-Driven Language as well as Rapid Application Development because of its ability to build prototype applications quickly. Visual Basic also has an object-oriented philosophy. Visual Basic was one of the first products to provide a graphical programming environment. Visual Basic is widely used to write working programs. The topics which we have dealt with and are very well equipped to handle are on Visual Basic Assignment are mentioned below:

  • Accessing Data on the Web
  • Basic Window Controls
  • Building Custom Window Controls
  • Data comparison and Boolean operators, expressions
  • Dialogue Boxes and Error Trapping
  • Error Handling and Debugging
  • File input and output
  • If Statements
  • Introduction to Web Programming
  • Loop Structures
  • Recursive Programming
  • Sequential Access Files and Menus
  • The Repetition & Selection Structure
  • Using Variables and Constants
  • Working with Forms
  • Writing and Using Procedures

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