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Maple, developed by Maplesoft, is a symbolic and numeric computing environment, and multi-paradigm programming language. Maple also covers other aspects of technical computing, including visualization, data analysis, matrix computation, and connectivity. The Maple programming language can be used for everything from simple, single-line scripts to large-scale projects involving thousands of lines of code. Code can be included in any Maple document, allowing you to combine text, images, plots, and code in a single document. Applications can be created and distributed in a single file.

Maple includes a full featured programming language that can be used to create scripts, programs, and full applications.

  • Advanced features include operator overloading, assumptions on variables, and exception handling
  • Compiler package, CUDA support, parallel algorithms, and optimization tools promote highly efficient user code for numeric computations
  • Create and manipulate many kinds of data structures, including sets, strings, lists, arrays, stacks, queues, records, and modules
  • Debugging, profiling, security, and library management tools
  • Interpreted language supports easy exploration and fast prototyping
  • Procedural, functional, and object-oriented programming

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  • Integrating Maple with Compiled Code
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  • Maple Fundamentals
  • The Maple Environment
  • Maple Data Structures
  • Modeling and Applications
  • Deploying your Work with Maple Procedures

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