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  • 3D – Isometric, Taxonomic and Perspective
  • 3D modeling with AutoCAD (Surfaces, Solids)
  • Accurate drawing using lines, construction lines, multilines, arcs circles and curves
  • Advanced plotting (Layouts, Viewports)
  • Annotating in AutoCAD with Text & Hatching
  • Application of dimensions. Setting and saving dimension styles
  • Architectural Views & Drafting Views
  • Blocks, Drafting symbols, Attributes
  • CAD Management and System Setup
  • Changing drawing geometry accurately. Trimming chamfering and filleting
  • Collaboration and automation tools
  • Copying, moving, and deleting drawing geometry
  • Creating, publishing, and customizing sheet sets
  • Creation and use of layers
  • Creation of solids by thickening
  • Cushion Plates Drawings
  • Defining dynamic blocks and attributes
  • Drawing objects accurately relative to other objects
  • Editing,Modifying Drawing
  • Enhancing productivity by customizing the AutoCAD interface
  • Entry and handling of text, Fonts
  • Flattening from 3D to 2D
  • Layers with Layer Management
  • Lighting with Materials
  • Making and retrieving symbols
  • Modifing and Changing Cusion Platform
  • Outputting and publishing files for review
  • The use of scale, making and saving prototype drawings
  • User Coordinate System, viewports, 3D specific system variables and Boolean operations
  • Using macros and custom routine
  • Working with Tables

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