ASP.NET Assignment Help

ASP.NET is a Microsoft server-side Web technology. ASP.NET is built on the .NET framework. The .NET development tools are used to create applications for Windows operating system and the Web. ASP.NET is an object- oriented programming. .NET provides a visual interface for developers to create their applications, which make .NET a perfect choice for designing Web-based interfaces. ASP.NET is used to create dynamic Web pages, web applications, websites and Web services.  At AnswersPortals have lots of experts proving help with ASP.NET.

This topic describes the following features of ASP.NET and of Visual Web Developer, the development environment for creating ASP.NET applications.

  • ASP.NET API Reference
  • ASP.NET Compiler
  • ASP.NET Configuration
  • ASP.NET Dynamic Data
  • ASP.NET Web Sites and ASP.NET Web Application Projects
  • Debugging Support
  • Extensible Designer Environment
  • Extensible Hosting Environment and Application Life-Cycle Management
  • Health Monitoring and Performance Features
  • Page and Controls Framework
  • Security Infrastructure
  • State-Management Facilities
  • The Three Flavors of ASP.NET: Web Forms, MVC, and Web Pages
  • Visual Web Developer
  • Web Applications Based on the MVC Pattern
  • Web Services Framework

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